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Me, Georges Auguste MARBOTTE

Georges Auguste Marbotte in 1891 Born in 1861 into a long line of military factory workers, Georges Auguste married a young teacher, Blanche Délan, in 1891. Not particularly taken with a military career, he began his professional life by obtaining from his brother-in-law an accountant position in Versailles.

But his adventurous spirit did not adapt well to this sedentary career, and at 34 he decided to embark on his first overseas adventure, in Algeria.

Algeria 1895 He secured an interest in a phosphate mine in the Chéliff valley, close to Oran, which he would manage for a period of one year. He liked the region very much and took many photographs, all infused with a softness and a respectful curiosity for the oriental civilisation he was discovering.

Unfortunately, the mine did not produce the results expected and he soon had to return to France (in 1896), saved from bankruptcy by Blanche's adoptive father, Charles de Serres, who paid his debts.

Even during this difficult period, he continued to practise photography with talent, capturing scenes of family life and the bucolic landscapes of the western Parisian region.

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