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Hot off the press !
The site on Georges Auguste is now online !Firstly a big thank you to Christophe, my favourite webmaster, without whom the slightly crazy idea to build a website for a photographer born in 1861 and now long dead would never have been realised. Thank you also to the several dozen others who have helped enthusiastically with the project, without begrudging their time or their energy.

…definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a small community of active photographers: Gérard, from the interior of Brittany and in love with the multicultural side of France; Karl and Gégé, fans of beautiful black and white; Pascal, a pro who mixes happily with amateurs like us… in brief, superb images and wonderful sites to visit. Another Breton, Vincent, is in China taking really beautiful pictures there.

The Arles Festival 2007 sets sail for China
After taking for its theme in 2006 the photographer Raymond Depardon, the Arles Photography Festival is setting sail for the broad horizon this year, particularly focusing on China, India and the Magnum agency.China will be represented through four exhibitions on the Beijing quarter of Dashanzi, also known as 798. For the last four years this area has been the official site of contemporary art in China, with a hundred or so artists' workshops and studios.

An eclectic internet portal is the communal internet portal for three generations of photographers from the one family, who all interested themselves in their times, but with very different eyes. Documentary, portrait, studio, landscape, nude, fashion: between them they touched on almost all photographic genres. Feast your eyes.Giving priority according to age, the galleries of Georges Auguste are now online. The other two galleries will follow during the course of the summer. Your reactions, comments and suggestions would be greatly welcomed here.

New things to come
The 300 photographs of China currently presented here have finally emerged from the boxes where they were imprisoned for more than 100 years, and I'm thrilled with them!In the months to come new images will be put online, as Georges Auguste produced close to 10,000 photos in Algeria, Japan, America and Paris, and there are many treasures among them.

Contemporary Chinese photography to be presented in Canton
The Second Photography Festival of Canton will have 'history' for its theme this year, notably the history of recent developments in Chinese photography, since 1980. But it will also examine the entwined history of the West and the Far East, seeking to untangle the complex interrelations and to create new ones.60 exhibitions between Friday 18 May and Saturday 7 July 2007 at the Canton Art Museum.

An alternative Morocco
You prefer the mountains and the desert to the comfort of grand hotels. Walking a little in the sun doesn't bother you, if an oasis or a ksar is there to be discovered at the end of the road. You're interested in the Berbers and their way of life. So - stop hesitating and head off on a trip with Marie-Aude and Bihal. The Mezgarne Oasis site offers tailor-made itineraries in Morocco, and is full of interesting suggestions. Definitely not to be missed.

Links everywhere
For me the internet is above all for exchange, for escaping your preconceptions and exploring outside and otherwise. So through my links, you will find a big variety of styles, destinations and subjects. And with this in mind, I particularly recommend the international collection of Photographers on Line, created by the Sicilian Nico Bastone.

The unknown Far East
Creating the site on Georges Auguste gave me the opportunity to explore the history (and the geography) of the Far East: the sacking of the Summer Palace, the Yunnan railway, the Chinese in the Great War, the port of Yokohama… and many other documents which help clarify this part of the world about which we know so little. Definitely worth a read.

The news in many languages
There's nothing like the music of your own language for enjoying the pleasures of life. That's why the news at is translated into many languages, to contribute (even only a tiny amount) towards the richness of our cultural diversity.If you happen to want to be involved, three or four times a year, with a small translation of a few dozen lines into your language, please drop me a line here.

A little more patience
A (very) comprehensive overhaul and update of my site ( is in progress: 600 new photos, a rapid html version (you'll see, Daniel!), supplementary galleries, 50 new links to superb sites…Just a little more patience - everything will be online after summer 2007.

Long live the Poland of Wollodja Jentsch ! I discovered her site by chance and definitely recommend a visit. And also, a little further south is Switzerland and another excellent photographer, Christian Coigny, a symphony of black and white images: MAGNIFICENT!

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